Putting Duncan pickups in EBMM Axis

Putting Duncan pickups in EBMM Axis

Quite a few years ago I owned an Axis with fixed tailpiece. Didn’t care for the pickups and I sold it.

Had it had a Floyd Rose I would have kept it and tried other pickups in it.

For Christmas I bought myself a 1990 Axis with Floyd Rose.

Love the guitar but once again, I don’t love the pickups.

They’re so far from the strings and through my blackface Fenders (Deluxe Reverbs w/Celestion G12H30’s 75 Hz) I’m just not getting the sounds I prefer.

I have twO PRS Custom 22’s and I replaced the Dragons and Dragon II pickups with Duncan Antiquitys in one and with uncovered Seth Lovers in the other. In my PRS SE Singlecuts I went with Pearly Gates.

In my ES-335 I have Tom Holmes “PAFs”.

So I like vintage style PAF tone, and I like the treble kiss I get when the pickups are closer to the strings than the Dimarzios are set in my Axis.

I was thinking of putting a set of Antiquitys in the Axis and setting them the same distance from the strings as they are in my PRS CU22.

I’d shim them if need be as I don’t want to use pickup mounting rings.

Will there be any problems with the legs being shorter or longer or ??? With the Duncan’s?

I know I’ll have to reshape the feet to more of a V shape. That doesn’t scare me.

Many thanks!

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