Question: Musician USA SUB good for learning bass on?

Question: Musician USA SUB good for learning bass on?

After many years I’ve started to learn bass again. Always being a huge fan of Stingray basses I managed to get a good deal on EBMM SUB (the made in the USA ones, not a Sterling).

I love it, it sounds amazing and looks great (after replacing the scratch plate) but after some reading I’ve come to realise it has a wide but width (44mm, wider than most Stingray’s I believe..) and I’m just wondering if it would be better to learn on something with a thinner neck. I also have access to a SBMM Ray34ca at the moment that has a thin more jazz like bass neck. I think the Ray34ca needs setting up as the SUB sounds so much better I always go back it.

I would say I have pretty average sized hands. I know the answer to this realistically is everybody needs to find a bass they are comfortable with it that feels good to them, but at the moment I’m not in the position to try lots of basses.

So I guess rather than a yes/no answer I’m looking to hear about some of your experiences with the SUB and how you found its playability.


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