Question: Slo lefty and weight

Question: Slo lefty and weight


Been a long time lurker / member, and I couldn’t find any recent info on this:
1) Is the SLO Special option also available on left-handed basses? I haven’t seen any.
2) I know there’s been talked about the weight, but has anything changed in the last few years? I’ve got severe back problems that don’t allow me to use a heavier bass for a 5-hour set for example. I ordered a few ‘Rays (4 and 5) and also a Sterling to deal with this, but ironically, the Sterling was the heaviest of the bunch (I believe 11.5 lbs). However, after years of looking around, I did find a lightweight lefty Stingray 5, but no luck on a Stingray 4 so far. I guess this hasn’t become an option by now (?). I really want one, but I don’t want to order a new one if there’s a chance that it’ll be 11 lbs like the Sterling.

Thank you for your time!


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