Quintessence Feature request?

Quintessence Feature request?

Feature Request…
Hi I’d appreciate a feature/enhancement for the Quintessence Harmoniser that would really make it useful for me (and others hopefully?).
In my band we cover “The Boys Are Back In Town” and currently I use a Digitech Harmony Man.  It has a triad mode which works for this song (and others) in a way that the standard 3rd based harmony doesn’t.
According to the manual when you have set for lower harmony and you play the tonic note (C in C major), the harmoniser doesn’t play the min 3rd below (A in C major) but instead the 4th below (G in C major).
Here’s the table from the Harmony Man manual for C major.

    Lowest    Low    High    Highest
C    E        G    E    G
D    F        B    F    B
E    G        C    G    C
F    A        D    A    D
G    C        E    C    E
A    C        F    C    F
B    D        G    D    G

I don’t know if this would be an update to the editor or firmware (probably both) or even a custom scale or interval, but I think it would be a really useful inclusion.

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