SBMM Cutlass: CT50 vs CT30

SBMM Cutlass: CT50 vs CT30

Hi everyone

I am seriously considering to buy a SBMM Cutlass to fill up the SSS void in my collection. I was doing some research and found that there are 2 SBMM models, CT50 and CT30, shockingly the prices are quite different.

It seems that the main differences are:
Body Wood: Basswood(CT50) vs Poplar(CT30)
Fingerboard: Rosewood(CT50) vs Laurel, Maple (CT30)

I only had the opportunity to try out the CT50 and liked it, but wanted to ask all the knowledgeable folk here if they have tried both CT50 and CT30? I am especially keen to find out if the necks kind of feel the same. I think the price difference is due to the woods being used, but other than that is there anything else to note?

Thanks in advance!

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