Smooth-a-tude (Artisan Majesty content!)

Smooth-a-tude (Artisan Majesty content!)

So Line 6 came out with new firmware for Helix. 2.50 included a model of the Mesa Boogie Lone Star 2nd channel. I just had to cover the Petrucci’s Repentance guitar solo! This is one of the few times that Petrucci used a different amp than a Mark series for a lead tone (other than when he used the Road Kings…).

Super creamy and silky smooth! I’m using the boost on the Majesty for some extra ooph, but it sure does sing!

I’m also using a new camera, Zoom Q8 — I was using “cinema mode” for the video, which is apparently why it’s got a blue tint to it…go figure.

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