Software version 2 has been released

Software version 2 has been released

Hey guys,

We’ve released software version 2 for Clarity M – and as you see from the release notes, it’s quite a big deal.

Link to version 2 software

It’s a free upgrade, and here are the main changes:


● New Meter, Vector Scope
● New meter, Balance-O-meter
● Support for 88.2 and 96 kHz with physical inputs
● Offline plug-in mode specific screen layout
● New scales for the PPM meter; the full list is:
   – True-peak Meter, 60 dB
   – True-peak Meter, 30 dB
   – True-peak Meter, 20 dB
   – Digital PPM, IEC 60268
   – DIN, IEC Type I
   – Nordic, IEC Type I
   – BBC, IEC Type IIa
   – EBU, IEC Type IIb

● New color scheme for improved readability
● New flexible screen layout
● Legend on the Radar view
● Exit LIB page when a preset is recalled (no need to exit manually)
● The USB disk drive alert screen is now showed only one time after reboot
● USB Mode parameter can be changed by turning the encoder in either direction
● SYS page now includes sample rate information
● Main page, input type (and plug-in instance name), moved to the top to align page in a grid
● Converter for version 1 presets. Default values are:
   ○ Peak Alert Hold: 3 seC
   ○ Stereo-Mono Downmix: -3dB
   ○ Meter in focus: Radar
   ○ Peak Meter Scale: TPM60
   ○ PPM Alignment Level: – 18 dBFS EBU
   ○ RTA auto scale: Range + Top
   ○ Vscope Channels: V vs. R
   ○ Vsvope persistence: Off
○ Vscope Scale: Auto fast
○ Vscope Color: Pale Blue
● Device now remembers USB mode after reboot
● General improvements on stability and performance


● New, optimized, design
● Offline mode optimized to run with more DAWs
● Instance name optimized. Automatically inserted in the following order, if available from DAW
   – Track Name
   – Track Number
   – Instance number
● Optimized HELP
● Optimized sync between device and plug-in wrt. PLAY/RESET
● Input format is now stereo as default. This optimizes use with DAWs that don’t provide channel format information to the plug-in
● New: Force 5.1 for those DAWs that do not provide channel format, 5.1 mode can now be forced
● Warning for unsupported sample rates
● General improvements on stability and performance

Factory Presets

● New presets compatible with software version 2
● Film, Post Production
● Music Mastering
● Music Production
● Standard PPMs

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