Sooooooo close to an all-TC mini board… but missing some basics!

Sooooooo close to an all-TC mini board… but missing some basics!

So, I already have a bass pedal board and a guitar pedal board, but wanted something that was uber-portable if I wanted to, for example, go jam at a friends house–or just felt too lazy to move one or both of my larger pedal boards into another room.

To make it worthwhile, it would have to have all the basic effects, but still be very small.  And I have been becoming more and more excited about the “TonePrint” capability, so there it was–I need to build a board with all TC mini pedals!

So I am.  I bought a PedalTrain Nano+.  And according to, I can fit 8 (or maybe even 9!) TC mini pedals on there–PLENTY!

BUT… as much as I appreciate the new mini pedals that have come out (HyperGravity, Sub ‘n’ Up), TC is still missing some VERY BASIC effects in their mini lineup:

mini overdrive?
mini trem?
mini distortion?
mini noise gate?

I mean, c’mon guys, these are BASIC effects!  Effects that are readily available, in mini form, from many other pedal makers!  But to even contemplate that would be contrary to my OCD-ish idea of an all TC mini board!

I guess my question is this: can I hope for more mini pedals in some reasonable time frame (most significantly the mini overdrive), or should I cave and buy some non-TC mini pedals???

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