Strange behaviour in windows SK48

Strange behaviour in windows SK48

Hi all,

I had my SK48 repaired and it works fine now in cubase.

Before I had it repaired, I could have cubase open and watch a youtube video at the same time, there was no problem with this, and both would play together, audio from each.

Since the return of the device, whenever I open cubase, it stops windows audio working correctly: youtube videos play without sound and streaming videos tend to say network error and stop. Windows media player will not play files with sound. In order to get windows sound to work correctly I have to quit cubase and restart the sk48.. not ideal.

I have tried cubase’s “release audio driver in background” – this somewhat fixes the issue in that I no longer need to restart the sk48 to get windows sounds back – but when I switch focus back to cubase it causes any media playing to stop, and breaks the stream for youtube, causing an  error.

I’ve also tried the wdm settings in the driver, which haven’t helped, and I’ve re-installed the driver.

I’d like to get my setup working like it used to – anyone have any suggestions? what am I missing?



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