Talk about Amplifier Circuit That is Easy to Build

Talk about Circuit That is Easy to Build

I have built a 35W audio power amplifier built with TDA2030 in a bridged connection with a +-15V symmetric PS. This circuit totally fine,it works the same way as the monolithic version.
It’s also easy to build,do it yourself audio amplifier which will deliver up to 35W on a 8ohm speaker. Please use a good headsink to cool down the TDA2030 power amplifier.
The datasheet of TDA2030AH
Typically it provides 14W output power (d = 0.5%) at 14V/4W; at ± 14V or 28V, the guaranteed output power is 12W on a 4W load and 8W on a 8W.
Well,about the supply,15V is not needed to be exactly as it is,it is 12-18V depends on power output desired,and about that split type supply,you can use an ordinary 12V DC supply,just use two polarized capacitors to create a ground line for the circuit.

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