The old FIVE vs FOUR debate

The old FIVE vs FOUR debate

Ok so it’s easy to give advice when the outcome doesn’t directly effect you but ….
I started typing this out in JayDawg’s thread about what are your future bass plans but didn’t want to hijack it so started a new thread. It went something like this was what I started replying •

Still looking for a Bongo HH. (But….. with all my years of not wanting to go down the five string route and using BEAD I’m getting that itch that it’s time for a change. Just feel guilty if my StingRays started gathering dust. It’s just an itch so I’m sure it will pass)
Bongo 4HH it is (but if a nice five comes along) (but what if after wanting a Bongo for so long you get one and don’t get on with the five? Sell it?) (ah ! But what if you do get on with it? )
Confused. It’s going to be a Bongo of some description this year. Determined to make it happen (even if it becomes your #1 or not as the case maybe) (I’m seriously doing my own head with this one) not funny.

So seriously help. Talk me into it or out of it. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

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