The Vault

The Vault

For being such great fans I’ve decided to share something with everybody: Access to the EBMM Vault. Once a week I will post some pictures of a special guitar or bass. It could be something with a non-standard color, a different combination of woods, something from the developmental stages of a particular model, or just a particularly excellent specimen, who knows? Some will be from the storage at the MM factory, some could just be things that an artist or one of the Ball family wanted. You won’t know unless you keep checking this thread.

I’m going to start you bass guys off with something very unique. This was a one-off for BP. 6 String Bongo HH, no paint, roasted Myung-style 5 string neck, and a special “Big Poppa” embossed headstock.

Note the non-standard headstock imprint, this was before we decided to go with the CA Grizzly that we’ve been using.

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