TonePrint (MacOS) crashes with BG250-115 mkII

TonePrint (MacOS) crashes with BG250-115 mkII

My TonePrint editor (version 3.1.02 build 1428) running on MacOS 10.12.6 crashes when doing certain actions on a BG250-115 mk II (firmware build 2282) connected via USB:

– when trying to send a TonePrint to the BG250 in the library screen.
– when turning a TonePrint on or off (foot switch or buttons on the amp), independent from on which screen I am.

I stopped all MIDI-related programms (like Logic X) and also restarted the Mac but the problem still persits.

I checked with TonePrint pedals (Sub’n’Up mini, SpectraComp), they work fine.

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