Welcom back Joe !!!!! (Caprice content).

Welcom back Joe !!!!! (Caprice content).


I appreciate it, and I’m thrilled to be back :)!

Hi everybody.

First, the confession: After being one of the most die-hard Musicman/Bongo fans on the planet for many years, I strayed. I got involved in a Zep tribute that required a Jazz bass, got very comfortable with that, and started on a run of passive basses that has lasted a while. I’d break my Bongo and Big Al out from time to time, but had gotten into the habit of leaving my basses plugged in all the time, and well… yeah.

Being out of the loop over here, I only learned about the Cutlas and Caprice a short while ago – and there was no question that I had to take the plunge. 15 years ago I felt they were creating the Bongo specifically for me. This year I felt the same regarding the Caprice :).

I’m in a new band that gigs fairly heavily (8 to 12 gigs a month) and since getting the Caprice almost 2 months ago, it’s become my one and only. I’ve easily owned over a hundred basses, and no bass has ever felt as at home and comfortable to me as this. It fits my body and my hands perfectly, looks great, and does everything my Jazz can do – plus add some edge to that sound should I request it.

Have lots of other thoughts regarding the Caprice (and my other MMs) but since I’m just reacquainting myself here, I’ll keep it shore for now.

I’m happy to feel part of the MM family again, and hope they can forgive me for my transgressions.

I’d post a pic of me with the Caprice, but those that remember me I think don’t really want that.

[edit] LOL, just noticed the link in my sig after posting :). Shows how long it’s been. Didn’t even know that still existed. Gonna leave it.

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