World's first & only (??) Albert Lee… Tele – style

World's first & only (??) Albert Lee… Tele – style

Behold! My latest creation….He’s finished!! 😀

Here’s the back story……-tele-mod.html

Turned out even better than I hoped for! Combination Albert Lee and Richie Kotzen Tele…and then some!

4-way blade switch gives 3 standard Tele settings plus both pups in series, then a push/pull tone pot switches the bridge ‘bucker from series to parallel, giving a total of 7 different voicings. With the proper pick guard and all set up and adjusted, it sounds exactly like it should…and then some. VERY pleased with the results! :p

A few more pics of “Jack… ol’ no.7”

Nice little backside too…

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