Collings Guitars releases I-30 LC

Collings Guitars releases I-30 LC

Collings Guitars has released its new I-30 LC model, which has been highly anticipated since a prototype was quietly unveiled at the 2017 NAMM Show.

The I-30 LC aims to take the concept of a double cutaway, fully-hollow, P90 equipped guitar to new heights, the Texan guitar company says, ‘..through careful refinement of the components and the balance created between them. The result is one of the most acoustically responsive and versatile electric guitars ever offered by the company.’

The lightweight, “trestle” braced body of the I-30 LC has been refined through extensive R&D, and is the distillation of knowledge gleaned from the popular I-35 and Statesman LC series, Collings adds. ‘The trestle brace design directly couples the neck and tail block, creating exceptional strength and acoustical energy transference, while also allowing for a lightness and responsiveness that is both a tactile and musical joy to experience. A brand new custom designed trapeze tailpiece provides just the right amount of “give” for a relaxed string feel and effortless playability.’

The I-30 LC comes fitted with Lollar Dog Ear P90s and Collings says while it exhibits ‘acoustic guitar-like resonance and dynamic response it is focused and feedback resistant enough to be utilized in jazz, blues, rock n’ roll and many other styles’.


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