Fender links digital with physical in new Bluetooth Mustang

links digital with physical in new Bluetooth Mustang

Fender has announced the dual introduction of the brand’s second, free mobile app, ‘Fender Tone’, in conjunction with the launch of the new Mustang GT Series. The two products are designed to work in tandem.

Fender Digital has dubbed the new iPhone and Android application the ‘ultimate companion app’ to the addition of three new Bluetooth enabled Mustang GT amplifiers, the Mustang GT 40, Mustang GT 100 and Mustang GT 200. App users with one of the new Mustangs will be able to manage thousands of presets created by Fender, notable artists and general users guitarists, who will be able to edit effects, share their own presets, create setlists for performances, access downloadable upgrades via Wi-Fi and stream music.

Artists working with Fender on its Fender Tone project include singer-songwriter Grimes, blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa and rock band Young The Giant. – to capture the preset tones that give these artists their distinctive sounds for fans to replicate.

‘Fender Tone is the second release in Fender Digital’s suite of applications, and the first hardware companion application we have developed,’ said Ethan Kaplan, Chief Product Officer and General Manager, Fender Digital. ‘It, alongside Fender Tune, aims to accompany players at every stage of their musical journey. Now, with artist-curated presets from Josh Adam Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gary Clark Jr. and Anthrax’s Scott Ian – channelling your favourite song or band for some added inspiration has never been easier.’

Info: www.fender.com

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