Mooer Red Truck: Compact multi-effect for gigging guitarists on a budget

Mooer Red Truck: Compact multi-effect for gigging guitarists on a budget

I first mentioned the Mooer Red Truck back in March of this year, when it was part of a few new products being announced by the company being scheduled for release in 2017. It should be finally hitting stores around the world, so what exactly does it offer and should you buy one?

Red Truck

The Red Truck has six onboard effects consisting of booster, overdrive, distortion, modulation (Tremolo, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger), delay (with tap and divide) and reverb. That’s a lot of useful effects for, it turns out, not a lot of money. Once again, Mooer is tackling the already burgeoning effects pedal marketplace with low-cost, wallet-friendly options for gigging and recording musicians.


There’s not a lot to complain about here. On paper, it has a lot of very useful guitar effects and the price is so low that even if there are some compromises in terms of quality, I can live with it given the value for money offered. Too bad that Mooer has decided to go with the boost on/off setting only via a mini-lever and not as a footswitch. I’m not sure I can kick it gently enough with my size 12 boot!

Mooer has, however, equipped the Red Truck with a handy FX loop, which is placed after the distortion and before the modulators, so you can get it to work with other pedals easily. The order cannot be changed from left to right, however, but it’s a compromise I can handle.

Mooer Red Truck

Compact and handy for those on the move


There is also tuner output positioned on the left at the very beginning of the signal chain. In addition, there is a useful headphone output. The Red Truck also has a stereo output which can also be used in mono, so great for dual and single amp setups alike.

Mooer Red Truck rear panel

Mooer Red Truck rear panel

I think the Red Truck pedal would be great for me if I had to travel light. The design looks neat and I like the well-illuminated footswitches as well. For the money, it has to be one to check out, I feel – they even throw in a carrying case at that price!

RRP – EUR 259 including carrying case

MOOER Red Truck product page



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