New cab for BluGuitar Amp1

New cab for BluGuitar Amp1

Fans of the well received BluGuitar Amp 1, or other micro amps, now have a speaker cab option, the TWINCAB.

UK and ROI distributor JHS says TWINCAB’s compact design and light weight allows for convenient transportation; not only is the cabinet easy to load in and out before and and after the show, at less than 20kg it’s light enough to be lifted with only one hand.

Configured for horizontal or vertical operation, TWINCAB sports a rotatable logo making this 2×12″ speaker cabinet the ideal partner for the BluGuitar AMP1, lunchbox amps and any ‘classic’ 100w amplifier head.

TWINCAB can be operated in either mono or stereo: ‘…producing tight and accurate bass, dense mids that are full of warmth, and soft, balanced high frequencies. In addition to a closed back design, the cabinet features two bass reflex openings on the front to provide extra low end response. The basket weave grill cloth acts like a filter, reducing harshness and preserving silky high frequencies’.

JHS adds that the TWINCAB (£699 RRP) ‘…is capable of producing two distinct sound characters, featuring a boost in bass or mid frequencies, depending on how the cabinet is oriented. When TWINCAB is laid horizontally bass frequencies are emphasised; position the cab vertically and your sound benefits from a rich mid push, perfect for projecting rock guitar tones in a band mix. What’s more, TWINCAB’s pair of BG-12 Special Speakers have been developed especially and harmoniously tuned to the reinforced birch multiplex housing’ .

The TWINCAB comes with a padded protective cover.


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