New Double Blade Humbucker from Lollar

New Double Blade Humbucker from Lollar

Leading US pickup maker Lollar says its new dB Humbucker ‘…is unlike any pickup Lollar has previously offered.’

According to the manufacturer: ‘The dB Humbucker strikes the perfect tonal balance between a full frequency response that has a powerful low end; a slightly compressed midrange; and an articulate, harmonic top that cuts through without sounding harsh. The dB Humbucker responds to player input, offering natural, touch sensitive attack that ranges from soft, clear, and delicate when played lightly, to a full-frontal assault that delivers every note with transient articulation and purpose when played harder.’

Jason Lollar says: ‘Most of our current pickup offerings are inspired by vintage guitar tones: not the case here. The dB has a totally different look and sound designed to appeal to the player looking for harder, heavier and more aggressive tones.’

No UK prices are quoted but in the USA, dB Humbuskers have an MSRP of $185 each and are available with either single conductor or four conductor lead wires.


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