New uke colours and picks from GEWA

New uke colours and picks from GEWA

With ukuleles continuing to be among the best sellers for many UK retailers, the latest colourful additions to GEWA’s Manoa Patea Special uke range are well timed. The Patea series has been expanded by an additional soprano and a concert size, both ukuleles made from different stained plywood., In common with all Patea series, the newcomers feature sapelli necks with black walnut fingerboards and bridges. The open-pore, silk-matte finish provides a transparent sound, GEWA says.

Simultaneously, GEWA has announced a new non-slip guitar pick design its calling the D-Grip. Made from nylon, D-Grip picks are available in five different shapes and different gauges. The non-slip surface is modelled on a cat’s tongue to offer ‘the ultimate grip’.


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