Rocktron offers limited run of VooDu Valves

Rocktron offers limited run of VooDu Valves

Rocktron is offering a limited run of one of its most popular guitar pre-amps, the VooDu Valve LTD.

Identifiable by its eye-catching red faceplate, the VooDu Valve LTD offers a choice of valve or solid state operation with its onboard DSP effects.

Rocktron says: ‘This pre-amp combines warmth and clarity and is unique in the way that you can choose either High or Low tube gain selections dependent on how much tube break-up you want for any application. For ultra-clean tone with a sharp edge and minimal distortion, select “low” tube gain pre-sets. For a tinge of dirt, dial up “high” tube gain selections and run minimal digital distortion to get natural medium-saturated tones reminiscent of a maxed-out half stack. And for the “gain-heads”, run “high” tube gain with digital clipping.

‘The Pre-amp section controls include Variac, Pentode, Triode and Solid State voicings.  The Voodu’s post EQ section and comprehensive pre EQ section, insures you never run out of tone shaping ideas’.

Onboard effects include: two-tap chorusing, dual-mode phaser, two-tap flanger, compression, frequency programmable wah-wah, tremolo, reverb, echo-like delay featuring unique tap tempo mode, pitch shift, and HUSH noise reduction placed after the pre-amp and before the effects.

The VooDu Valve LTD is both stage and studio ready with balanced XLR outputs (with level control) and ¼” outs. The Speaker Simulator in the VooDu provides parameters for Speaker Size, MIC Placement and Reactance parameter. Headphone output and tap tempo delay are included as well.  Select Speaker Type (15″, 12″, to”, 8″ and Full Range), adjust Mic and Placement.


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