Sonzera Amplifiers: Behind–The–Scenes

In just one month since its release,  Sonzera family has been receiving great feedback from a wide variety of artists, publications, and gigging musicians.

To give you an idea of the research, design, and thought that went into Sonzera, we interviewed PRS Sr. Amp Designer Doug Sewell for some insight.

PRS: What inspired the initial idea behind this family of amplifiers?

DOUG: We wanted the Sonzera to be approachable, meaning you can set the knobs anywhere and it will sound good – enjoy it effortlessly or dial it in to get a variety of sounds.

We also wanted to bring PRS quality and integrity to a new price point without sacrificing tone. We don’t think that price point and PRS quality are mutually exclusive.

In the beginning of my career as an amp designer I was a garage builder, hyper–focused on every component in such a way that quality couldn’t be ignored, and the goal with the Sonzera was to keep the quality without compromising certain aspects.

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