Taylor announces 2017 LTDs

announces 2017 LTDs

Taylor has announced four 2017 Limited Edition models, led by a 900 Series Grand Auditorium in blackheart sassafras. Dubbed the 914ce LTD, the Sitka spruce topped acoustic features blackheart sassafras from sustainable sources in Tasmania. Taylor says: ‘This timber tells a unique story, displaying an exotic mix of variegated blond, hazel, pink and other subtle hues. Dark lines that run through the heartwood (hence the “blackheart” name) come from fungi that form in the tree after branches break off during storms, allowing water to drip down through the tree while it grows. Sonically, sassafras blends the woody midrange warmth of mahogany, the focus of maple, and a chimey top-end clarity and sparkle reminiscent of rosewood’.

Taylor 914ce

Next up is a compact 700 Series 12-string, the 752ce LTD with a Lutz spruce top. Taylor says of this: ‘The combined platform of our compact Grand Concert body with our 12-string/12-fret design has been hailed by reviewers and players alike as a refreshing alternative to the big-bodied 12-strings of days past. The result is a remarkably comfortable 12-string playing experience. On this limited edition offering, that game-changing design framework is infused with a fresh tonewood pairing: Indian rosewood and Lutz spruce.’

Taylor 752ce

A baritone model is Taylor’s third offering, the 410e Baritone-6 LTD. Apparently, this model is the first spruce-top baritone Dreadnought Taylor has offered and pairs African ovangkol with Engelmann spruce, endowing the guitar with what the maker describes as ‘no shortage of sonic personality. The dark, rumbling acoustic character is complemented visually by a dark, neo-vintage aesthetic treatment, featuring a tobacco sunburst top with color-matched tobacco shading on the ovangkol back and sides.’

Taylor 410e Baritone-6 LTD

Finally, the fourth newcomer is the 314ce LTD in Tasmanian blackwood and Lutz spruce, which Taylor’s Andy Powers says is one of his favourite tonewood pairings. ‘Together they produce a tone profile with many musical virtues – warmth, focus, sparkle and dynamic range, among others. Together with our popular Grand Auditorium body, this guitar will sing in the hands of virtually every type of player.’

Taylor 314ce LTD

Info: www.taylorguitars.com

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