Danelectro launches Billionaire Pedals

Danelectro launches Billionaire Pedals

New from Danelectro is a range of new ‘Billionaire’ pedals, happily without a price tag to match the name!

Made from die-cast steel and featuring high gloss ‘classic car’ finishes, the new series kicks off with The Pride of Texas (£89.99 RRP) that is claimed to recreates the ‘holy grail’ bluesy tone,  fattening-up the signal without losing clarity or voice. ‘Ideal for both single coils or humbuckers, the Pride of Texas provides plenty of boost for crunchy rhythm or screaming lead solos,’ says UK and ROI distributor, JHS.

The Filthy Rich Tremolo (£79.99 RRP) is said to accurately replicates the original Danelectro amplifier tremolo tones from the 1940s: ‘providing lush, fat, pulsing trem.’

The Billion Dollar Boost (£79.99 RRP is a reissue of a rare ’80s model. JHS says it boosts all frequencies, plus provides pure pre-amp clean with lots of gain. ‘Clean and crisp at 50% or less, but pushes the amp into crunchy bite at 50% or more, this pedal will become your secret weapon’.

The Big Spender Spinning Speaker (£99.99 UK RRP) aims to replicate the sound of a Leslie tone cabinet and comes complete with a ramp switch that lets user initiate speed up/down.

Interestingly, Danelectro is also offering a battery box for the series, saying that modern power suppliers and alkaline batteries ‘can degrade your tone’. The Battery Billionaire (£69.99 RRP) works using four Danelectro vintage batteries through 4 DC cables (supplied). A quick, easy-open lid makes for easy battery replacement and a ‘kill switch’ cuts power so there is no need to unplug cables each time. Its small footprint is ideal for even the most compact pedalboard, JHS says.

Info: www.jhs.co.uk/brands/danelectro

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