Dealers offered free mic testing station + mic discounts

Dealers offered free mic testing station + mic discounts

JTS microphones distributor, FBT Audio UK, is offering retailers a free microphone testing station valued at over £650, enabling customers to compare microphones live.

FBT says: ‘This scenario will be familiar to you… unboxing a multitude of microphones on the counter safe in the knowledge that eyes are watching for the opportunity to own one without parting with any hard-earned cash. With the phone ringing and other customers to serve, the customer wants to see, feel, hold and hear every microphone. There’s got to be a better way!

‘The JTS testing station holds up to eight wired mics using thief-proof retractable XLR cables. Just lift the microphone and press the activation button to listen to the required mic through the supplied headphones. You don’t have to endure karaoke wailings through your PA systems any longer, however the line out facility enables connection to external amplification should the next Susan Boyle frequent your premises.

‘The results from the JTS TS8i are a ‘no brainer’ More microphones are sold due to the self-service system. Also, customers can hear the difference as the budget increases up the range which inevitably leads to a larger sale’!

FBT says that while stocks last, retailers buying 30 wired JTS mics will receive a JTS Testing Station free, plus 10% off the mics themselves.

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