Handmaster Plus says get a grip

Handmaster Plus says get a grip

Offering a different approach to musicians’ hand exercise devices than the traditional spring-and-plunger type, RockCare’s new Handmaster Plus is a flexible ball designed to train and significantly increase dexterity and co-ordination of the fingers. Flexor and extensor muscles, carpal tunnel and joints of the hand and the forearm are strengthened and the musculature in the fingers is built-up, says distributor W-Distribution. At the same time the danger of injuries or premature fatigue is successfully reduced, it is claimed. Suitable for use with the right of left hand, the Handmaster Plus Includes two different rubber tabs for adjusting the Handmaster Plus to the user’s hand size and strength.
It will be available from the end of March and will sell for £13.47

Info www.w-distribution.de

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