Kandu launches KTÄK Kickstarter campaign

Kandu launches KTÄK Kickstarter campaign

First Handcrafted Two-Tone Body Snare set for debut.

The Kandu  ‘Body Snare’ is claimed to be the first-ever two-tone wearable snare, designed to meet the needs of professional percussionists and travellers. Its inventors say it’s: ‘meticulously crafted by musicians from hand selected Finnish birch ply…. And yes we know the name is super weird, but try saying it three times’.
‘At the heart of KTÄK is its mobility, its inventors say. ‘You can really take this thing anywhere and play at anytime. Percussion is not stationary.’
Primarily developed for use by children but also up to and including professional musicians who can use it alone or integrate it with their kits, KTÄK has been under development for the past year, by a team which already produces professional standard cajons.
‘We have been working out the manufacturing process and supply chain, and we think we have a sustainable model worked out. If we are swamped with orders, we may need to rethink a few of our methods and supply chain. We would endeavour for it not affect pledge reward fulfilment but even if it did the effect would be minimal and mainly in relation to timings.
Info: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kandu/ktak-by-kandu-the-first-handcrafted-two-tone-body

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