NAMM 2018: Dream Cymbals

NAMM 2018: Dream Cymbals

Dream Cymbals celebrates 10 successful years in business with the launch of its 24” Anniversary Small Bell Patina Ride.

The 10th Anniversary Cymbal is a 24” Small Bell Flat Ride modified with a special patina finish that a member of the Dream Cymbals Team in Toronto, Canada has created by hand. Each anniversary cymbal is entirely unique with an individual look and sound depending on the artist’s patina design, while maintaining the defining characteristics of the 24” Small Bell Flat Rides. ‘Beautiful stick articulation with a dark and dirty wash that will create a lion’s roar if you open them up on the shoulder. There is a huge sonic landscape within each of these very special cymbals,’ Dream says.

The 10th Anniversary cymbal will also include a laser etched logo and unique serial number. Limited to a run of 100, these cymbals and will ship worldwide in 2018.


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