pTrumpet makes plastic fantastic

pTrumpet makes plastic fantastic

The combination of plastic and traditional metal in a ‘brass’ instrument might seem unlikely but distributor JHS says the pTrumpet hyTech: ‘represents the next level in plastic instrument engineering’ resulting in ‘a truly unique, pro-standard instrument’.

Drawing on years of experience with plastic technology, manufacturer hyTech has created an instrument weighing just 650g (1.4lbs), making the pTrumpet exceptionally lightweight. The instrument incorporates traditional stainless steel pistons inside a yellow brass valve block to ensure the tightest tolerances. In addition to aluminium Top and Bottom Valve Caps and Valve Stems, the leadpipe, bell, bell-bow and tuning slides are all individually-shaped to deliver a free-blowing feel and an instrument of advanced quality, the maker says.

Each pTrumpet (£249 RRP) is supplied with a brass 7C mouthpiece and padded carry bag, allowing the user to store and transport his or her instrument safely.

The pTrumpet is available in Gold, Silver and Black.


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