Roland announces VT-4 Voice Transformer

Roland announces VT-4 Voice Transformer

Roland has announced the introduction of the battery powered VT-4 Voice Transformer, a powerful new effects processor for manipulating the human voice.

The VT-4 allows the user to connect a microphone and offers effects including harmony, vocoding, pitch shifting, hard tuning, ambience, and others providing what Roland describes as ‘everything from subtle augmentation to radical transformation.

‘Today’s musical styles increasingly use unusual vocal sounds with heavy processing, making them stand out and grab the listener’s attention. However, great-sounding pitch and formant effects are hard to come by, especially without a computer. The VT-4 puts a wealth of modern and retro vocal effects at the user’s fingertips, eliminating the need to employ a complicated setup with a computer and plug-ins’.

The VT-4 features a hands-on interface for instant creative control. Users can manipulate their sound while they sing or speak, constantly altering the effect to suit the track and enhance the vibe of a performance. Direct control over both pitch and format makes it possible to instantly transform a vocal persona with male/female gender characteristics, electronic timbres, robot voices, and more.

Roland adds: ‘The VT-4 works great on its own without any input other than a voice. But plugging in a MIDI keyboard unlocks even more expressive possibilities, allowing users to guide the Auto-Pitch, harmony, and vocoder engines with notes and chords. This makes it possible to hard-tune the vocal input to specific pitches, play keyboard leads with a funky vocoded flavor, and create multi-part backing vocal stacks on the fly. The VT-4’s compact footprint sits neatly on most keyboards, making it easy to integrate with common performance setups’.

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