Sonnox gearing up to release slick new Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in

Sonnox gearing up to release slick new Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in

Fans of Sonnox’s Oxford plug-ins look to be in for a treat. The plug-in maker has released a teaser video of a new dynamic equalizer: Oxford Dynamic EQ. From the few glimpses of the GUI we’ve seen, it looks as slick as any pro-EQ plug-in, and includes automation controls. It will be interesting to see how this new tool hold up against existing products from Waves and oeaksound…

Oxford Dynamic EQ

The plug-in has 5 bands that can overlap without causing distortion. There’s also an optional offset control that, supposedly, lets you get the best of both a static and dynamic EQ. So if you don’t want or need an equalizer that, sort of, controls itself on the basis of thresholds and peaks, you can use the Oxford Dynamic EQ as a standard parametric EQ. This kind of flexibility gives it a broad usability, so both intermediate and advanced producers or engineers ought to be able to get a lot out of its functionality.

Unfortunately, Sonnox isn’t yet giving any clues as to when the Oxford Dynamic EQ is going to be released and what it’ll cost. But it’s bound to happen in the coming weeks.  Sonnox plug-ins are usually available both in native variants, and ones developed for Universal Audio‘s DSP platform. So if you own a UAD accelerator or Apollo interface, you will be able to use this plug-in – together with all those posh analog gear sims UAD and its partnering companies like Softube have been pumping out.

In the meantime, if you are in a dire need of a dynamic EQ, check out F6 by Waves and soothe by oeksound. Both are very interesting, full-fledged plug-ins that could work great as problem solvers. With soothe, in particular, you supposedly don’t even have to worry about hitting the right frequencies. The plug-in has a built-in algorithm for detecting typical problems, such as harshness or sibilance, all by itself.

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