Zoom seeks to rejuvenate its digital recorder line-up with the LiveTrak L-12

Zoom seeks to rejuvenate its digital recorder line-up with the LiveTrak L-12

On 29 July, Zoom teased a new device on their Facebook page. We speculated that it’s a mobile recording station meant to replace its aging products from the R-series. It turns out our guesses were correct, for Zoom just listed the brand-new Zoom LiveTrak L-12 on its website, with Thomann listing it in its web store a few hours previously. This seems a capable, up-to-date product with the following notable features:

  • 12 channels with XLR and 6.3mm jacks
  • Simultaneous recording of up to 14 tracks
  • 24-bit USB audio with 14 inputs, 4 outputs, sampling frequency of up to 96 kHz
  • 5 headphone outputs with individually adjustable monitor mixes
  • Integrated compressor for channels 1 to 8
  • 16 editable effects
  • Up to nine mixing presets stored in memory
  • Automatic start and stop recording
  • Integrated delay compensation for AD conversion
  • Compatible with iOS

The Zoom LiveTrak L-12 is a reasonably compact unit and has a fair share of LED indicators, color knobs, and buttons. There doesn’t seem to be much menu diving to do, which is good to know, as the screen is small and certainly not as luxurious as modern OLED displays.

Price and availability

The Zoom LiveTrak L-12 is up for pre-order at Thomann, priced at 599 EUR | 533.42 GBP. Deliveries are scheduled for 29 September.

Overall, Zoom isn’t being super innovative with this machine. Rather, it’s bringing its convenient concept of portable recording consoles up to date with modern 24-bitA/96kHZ recording and a variety of inputs and outputs. It’s obvious that Zoom was aiming to keep the price down to a reasonable level, rather than experiment or present a flashy, premium product. Can’t fault the manufacturer for being conservative if the recorder does exactly what it says on the label! Besides, there aren’t too many self-contained alternatives to Zoom recorders in this price range, aside from legacy Tascam products.

More information

  • Zoom LiveTrak L-12 at Thomann
  • Zoom site


Zoom LiveTrak L-12

Vorhang auf für den brandneuen Zoom LiveTrak L-12! Mixer, Audiointerface und Recorder in einem Gerät. Die Vorbestellungen laufen ab sofort. 😯 //Meon Alle Infos im Shop → tho.mn/a0cbw

Posted by Musikhaus Thomann on Donnerstag, 3. August 2017

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