DIY dual 2HP Freez macro module with Look Mum No Computer

DIY dual 2HP Freez macro module with Look Mum No Computer

Sam from Look Mum No Computer gives us a lesson in modular DIY in his latest video. He takes a pair of 2HP Freez modules and hacks them together into a single “macro” module with larger knobs and connections to better suit his modular rack and manic live performances. (Also, check out our interview with Sam! Ed.)

2HP Freez

The 2HP Freez came out last month and is a voltage controlled locked looper. It captures chunks of audio, freezes it and lets you mangle it into some kind of glitching chaotic noise. You can push the pitch and timbre about, destroy the sample rate and warp it all over the place. It does regular beat repeating and granular style buffering. But can also come up with unique sounds and textures from whatever input you plug in.

Dual 2HP DIY

Sam decided he needed two of these Freez machines and he wasn’t going to dealing with the tiny knobs and sockets. Instead he built a new front panel with nice big knobs and sockets behind which he mounts the Freez modules. Sam’s rack is 5U Moog style as opposed to the 3U Eurorack format. Everything just gets wired, soldered and extended through.

Look Mum No Computer

The video aptly demonstrates that he’s not just some nut, but he actually has creative ideas and electronic chops to back that up. Not that he’s any less bonkers for it. This is a great example of the hackable nature of modular and how you can imprint your own personality on your electronic sound making devices.

You’ll find Look Mum No Computer on Facebook, YouTube and Patreon.


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