Mr Hyde: chemically induced tabletop analogue filtering

Mr Hyde: chemically induced tabletop analogue filtering

Following on from revelations of their forthcoming Fuzebox it looks like Analogue Solutions have been busy. Mr Hyde is the first in a series of tabletop effects processors, synths and sequencers they are called “SynthBlocks”. It was spotted the other day on the Analogue Solutions website but it was overshadowed by the awesome Fusebox. Then a video appeared on Facebook (below). Now I’ve come across the full details and a load more images.

Mr Hyde

It’s a filter box. It’s a deep lush red looking analogue filter box with high, low and notch pass filters. The resonance can be pushed all the way to self-oscillation. The LFO has both triangle and square waves and can be ranged into audio frequencies. They say it can do subtle filtering or screaming, extreme nightmare filtering and everything in between.

Analogue Solutions have designed it to work with everything – synths, modular, instruments or on an effects loop through your DAW. It has both 1/4″ on the back and mini jack connections for audio on the front panel. And there’s a CV input and output for modular integration.

It’s small, made of metal with wooden cheeks and I’m loving the chemistry inspired graphics. It was Dr Jekyll that had the split personality complex, Mr Hyde knows exactly who he is – an awesome sound mangling filter. They tell us that further SynthBlocks are planned and the next one will be called Dr Strangelove. This is going to be good.

No news on price or availability yet but hopefully that be forthcoming soon. Information should appear on the Analogue Solutions website.

Mr Hyde showing one of his sides as some 2600 runs through his veins…

Posted by Jason Subtractive on Samstag, 10. Juni 2017

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