12 new electric and acoustic guitars: February 2019

12 new electric and acoustic guitars: February 2019

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to electric and bass guitars.
Reverend Rick Vito Signature Soulshaker
The Rick Vito Signature Soulshaker in Ebony PearloidIf you’re a fan of Rick Vito’s slide blues, then this is the guitar for you. It features a single-action truss rod and a satin finish on the neck’s back – perfect for smooth movement along the neck.
Heritage Custom H-137

Overseen by Heritage master builder Pete Farmer, the Custom H-137 is crafted with immaculate attention to detail. It stands out with a figured curly maple veneer wrapped in a stunning Neptune Blueburst finish.
PRS Silver Sky finishes
The PRS Silver Sky in Moc Sand (left) and Orion GreenJohn Mayer’s Silver Sky model is now available in four fresh colours: Dodgem Blue, Moc Sand, Orion Green and Golden Mesa.
Eastman T484 Semi-hollow

This stunning semi-hollow is pegged as a “Swiss army knife” of tones, thanks to its versatile Seymour Duncan pickup combo: a ’59 at the bridge, and a Jazz at the neck. It also sports a slimmer headstock design, touted to provide a better balance across the instrument.
Jackson USA Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly
The USA Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly in BlackThis fearsome Black axe gets its growl from two Seymour Duncan Jeff Loomis Signature Blackouts humbuckers. In terms of tonewoods, it features an ash body, a sandblasted ash top, and a one-piece maple neck-through-body.
Charvel Angel Vivaldi Signature DK24-7 NOVA
The Angel Vivald Signature DK24-7 NOVAHere’s a seven-string that’s spec’ed for fast, ferocious playing. It’s loaded with a pair of DiMarzio humbuckers, and is packaged in a sleek Satin Sage Green finish.
Fender Jimmy Page ‘Dragon’ Telecaster

Fender and Jimmy Page have teamed up to recreate the legendary guitarist’s famed 1959 Telecaster. The latter was Page’s main axe on the Led Zeppelin I album, and is best remembered for being played with a violin bow during a 1969 live rendition of Dazed and Confused.
Gibson Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335

In honour of the late Chris Cornell, Gibson has released a special ES-335 model. The axe is loaded with Lollartron humbuckers and decked in an Olive Drab Satin finish. As a final touch, you’ll find a mother-of-pearl Chris Cornell ‘signature’ inlay at the peghead.
Sheeran by Lowden S04

Despite its player-friendly size, this cutaway model is still a Lowden at heart. It features a fine selection of tonewoods, and is designed to produce deep voice with a well-balanced tone.
Taylor Grand Pacific Builder’s Edition 717
Taylor Grand Pacific Builder’s Edition 717eThe Builder’s Edition 717e headlines Taylor’s new Grand Pacific series. It pairs a slope-shouldered dreadnought design with the brand’s innovative V-Class bracing. As for tonewoods, the guitar features a torrefied Sitka spruce top as well as rosewood back and sides.
Martin Modern Deluxe D-28

This isn’t an ordinary D-28 model. It features a Sitka spruce Vintage Tone System (VTS) top that’s paired with VTS Adirondack spruce braces for a rich, fully aged Martin tone. Other tonewoods include East Indian rosewood back and sides, and a lovely flamed maple binding.
Gibson Generation G-45 Studio

Gibson is targeting a new generation of guitar players with the G-45 Studio. It features the iconic round-shouldered profile of the J-45, a solid Sitka spruce top, as well as walnut back and sides.
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