Ace Frehley says Kiss fans “aren’t the brightest people of the world”

Ace Frehley says Kiss fans “aren’t the brightest people of the world”

Ace Frehley has slammed the Kiss fandom as “not the brightest” in a new discussion about his former band’s final shows.

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Speaking on the Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk podcast, the guitarist claims that many fans still think he’s a part of Kiss despite having left the band more than two decades ago.
“A lot of Kiss fans aren’t the brightest people of the world,” Frehley says [via Ultimate Guitar]. “I mean, Ace fans are sharp. As little as a few years ago, I used to get phone calls from people and they would ask for Kiss tickets. And I said, ‘You know I’m not playing in the band anymore.’ And a lot of people don’t even know it.”
“When I quit the band the second time [in 2002], they kind of buried it and really didn’t make a big press release about it – because Tommy was wearing my makeup, and they kind of just wanted people to think that maybe it was still Ace Frehley.”
The musician also admits to being unimpressed by Kiss’s recent performances their End Of The Road tour, saying “I think the fans go for ‘the show.’ But now with the canned vocals… I mean, I couldn’t believe it – Paul Stanley was doing Detroit Rock City… no, he was doing Love Gun [Ace may be referring to this performance]. He wrote that song – he’s not even singing on the choruses.”
“He was like, dancing around on this platform. And that’s absolutely bewildering to me. How you could write… that’s like me performing Shock Me and not singing it, y’know?”
“I don’t get it, I don’t wanna get it,” he continues. “And I’m glad that it’s going to be over in a few days.”
Unfortunately for Frehley, this isn’t exactly the ‘end of the road’ for Kiss, whose members are set to “rock forever” in their non-corporeal, digital avatar form – much like how Swedish pop powerhouse ABBA have done on their Voyage shows.
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