Akai Professional Unveils MPC Stems: A New Era of Sampling Precision

Akai Professional Unveils MPC Stems: A New Era of Sampling Precision

Akai Professional, at the forefront of musical technology for both the stage and studio, unveils MPC Stems, an advanced feature for its MPC desktop software. This pioneering stem separation technology ushers in a new era of sampling, enhancing creativity and precision for music producers and beatmakers.

The Future of Sampling
​MPC Stems represents a significant advancement in digital sampling, which has become the cornerstone of contemporary music creation. By seamlessly integrating with the iconic MPC workflow, it transforms how producers interact with samples and vinyl records. With MPC Stems, users gain the ability to craft acapellas, isolate bass lines, and extract drum grooves, offering unprecedented control and opening new avenues for creative possibilities.

​Head of MPC Artist Relations, Andy Mac, shared, “Building on our legacy, MPC Stems represents a monumental leap forward in sampling technology for producer communities around the world. With MPC Stems, we’re pioneering a future where producers have unparalleled creative freedom. This is the next chapter in music production, and we are very excited to see what people create.”

This latest innovation continues Akai Professional’s four-decade legacy of setting industry standards in music production technology, from their iconic MPC platform to the anticipated MPC Stems, driving the evolution of music production and providing new tools for creative expression.

MPC Stems

​Compatibility and Integration
​MPC Stems is fully supported by the following MPC hardware in Controller Mode: Live series, MPC One, MPC One +, MPC X, MPC XSE, MPC Key 61, MPC Key 37, and MPC Studio MK2, ensuring seamless workflow integration. This revolutionary feature is supported by the new 2.14 Software/Firmware update for the MPC Desktop Software, bringing a new era of sampling to today’s producers.

MPC Stems

Superior Sound Quality and User Experience
​Powered by the ultimate stem separation engine from zPlane, MPC Stems delivers superior sound quality, allowing producers to access and manipulate the raw building blocks of any sample with minimal artifacts. The intuitive user interface provides full tactile control over the separation process, enhancing the creative workflow and ensuring that producers can focus on what matters most: their music.

Pricing and Availability
​MPC Stems is available for purchase exclusively via thempcstore.com for $9.99 USD. This groundbreaking feature is compatible with MPC Desktop Software only, ushering in a new chapter of sampling innovation for Akai Professional. For more information, please visit Akai Professional’s website.

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