BlackSmith Strings seemingly leaks the SE version of the PRS Silver Sky

BlackSmith Strings seemingly leaks the SE version of the PRS Silver Sky

Guitar string brand BlackSmith Strings has seemingly confirmed the existence of an SE version of the PRS Silver Sky, its signature model for guitarist John Mayer. The brand posted an unconfirmed photo of a product spec sheet on Facebook that hails from the same factory as the other SE guitars.
The PRS Silver Sky is currently only available in the US-made Core line, listing for over £2,000. The PRS SE range is more affordable, typically priced in the £500-£1000 bracket. Speculation surrounding an SE version has been present ever since the model’s introduction so it’s worth taking the below with a pinch of salt, but here’s what we know.
Blacksmith Strings has posted the below image on Facebook, which shows an info slip on the outside of a guitar box. At the top is PT Cort, the name of the Indonesian company which, alongside its own guitar brand, manufactures SE guitars in Asia for PRS.

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Below that is the model name PRS Silver Sky and the name of a gauge of fretwire, DHP-24. There’s also what looks to be the specifications of its neck: “42*57, 22F, R216”, referring to a 42mm nut width, 57mm heel width, 22 frets and 216mm (8.25-inch) fretboard radius.
Interestingly, if that last number does indeed translate to the ‘board radius, it would be a deviation from the US Silver Sky’s specifications, as its fretboard radius is a more rounded, vintage-style 7.25 inches. The rest of the specs, however, are consistent with existing Silver Sky models.

Posted by BlackSmith on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Other than this image, BlackSmith has not provided any other information: it could be a one-off, or a test sample of a product that’s set to use BlackSmith strings.
The introduction of the SE Silver Sky could make Mayer’s signature model a lot more accessible to a larger number of players, so it’s perhaps no surprise that this isn’t the first we’ve heard of the idea. Back in 2019, PRS COO Jack Higginbotham got the rumour mill turning when MusicRadar asked him, “When is the John Mayer Silver Sky coming over to the SE line?”
Higginbotham reportedly replied: “I like the way you did that: ‘When?’ Maybe you’d better turn off your voice recorder…”
This hint at the brand’s plans was almost a year and a half ago, but nothing official has been announced since. Stay tuned to for more information as it’s revealed.
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