Boss adds new wireless amp to its Katana lineup

Boss adds new wireless amp to its Katana lineup

BOSS has shared the newest addition to its Katana lineup, the Katana-Air EX.

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An EX you won’t mind staying in touch with, this amp is totally wireless, and features two five-inch speakers – the previous Katana-Air had three-inch speakers – which deliver a 35-watt stereo sound as well as Boss’s ultra-low latency technology.
There’s access to 50 different Boss effects too, and five preamps types, as well as a tuned bass-reflex port to benefit the bass tones on low-tuned and bass guitars.
The Katana-Air first arrived back in 2018, but this is the first time it’s been given an overhaul – while Boss often upgrades and overhauls its Katana amps, it’s not often that the Katana-Air gets this much attention.
This time, the amp boasts a new wooden cabinet, which alongside the larger speakers should be better for “generating full sound with rich resonance typically only available with performance amplifiers”.
There’s also USB connectivity for usage as a direct audio interface, the stereo line output with mic’d cab emulation, and up to 12 hours of run-time. And, you can use the updated BOSS Tone Studio for Katana-Air with visual amp/effect structure and YouTube playback feature.
One thing that hasn’t changed is the control panel, however. The Katana-Air EX, despite being larger than its predecessor, has the same control panel. So, there’s a knob that allows you to select one of the amp models, and a three-band EQ. You can also control master gain and reverb, with the remaining knobs being for BST/Mod and Delay/FX.
There’s also an optional FS01WL wireless footswitch and EV-1WL wireless expression pedal.
The amp needs either eight AA batteries or the Roland BTY-NIMH/A rechargeable amp power pack. Or, if you don’t need to use the Katana-Air EX wirelessly, there is a power adaptor included.
The Katana-Air EX is set to retail at $659.99.
For more info, head to Boss.
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