Demi Lovato shares dream collab with metal legend

Demi Lovato shares dream collab with metal legend

Demi Lovato has discussed her ideal collaborations in a recent interview, including a certain metal icon.

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The former Disney star began their music career in a pop rock style, before experimenting with R&B, but they then went in a heavier rock direction with 2022’s Holy Fvck.
And in September, the 30-year-old is set to release a new album, Revamped, which features rock versions of ten previous tracks. The album’s lead single, a re-recording of 2017 track Sorry Not Sorry features Guns N’ Roses legend Slash, but it looks as though more collaborations are on the way.
She told the Metal Ambassador Project in a recent interview: “Someone I’ve always wanted to work with is Corey Taylor and, you know, obviously working with bands like Knocked Loose would be sick, too.
“So I think it’s something that’s on my wish list but hopefully I’ll have some collaborations for Revamped. We’re still working that out, though.”
They revealed too that the song Entombment Of A Machine by Job For A Cowboy helped her fall in love with metal as a genre: “It was the first song that I realised metal music, in a way, can be catchy without being a pop song because you listen for the guitar riffs, you listen for that certain part of the song. I just fell in love with it and that song is what did it for me”.
She described working with Slash, who’s previously collaborated with pop artists Rihanna and Fergie as an “absolute honour”, and said that she feels “so much closer” to her older music thanks to the Revamped project.
Revamped is set for release on 15 September 2023 on Island Records, and Demi is again working with producer Warren “Oak” Felder.
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