Details of a new Fender modeller, the Tone Master Pro, have been leaked

Details of a new Fender modeller, the Tone Master Pro, have been leaked

A new Fender amp modeller, the Tone Master Pro, is on the way – according to a new leak.
A video by YouTuber John Nathan Cordy has gone deep on the new device’s features, which were leaked by an Italian online music retailer that is already listing the product for sale.

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From the looks of things, the Tone Master Pro is a premium-priced item, as it’s being listed for €1,799 (approx. £1,563). Price-wise, this would put it above the Neural DSP Quad Cortex, which costs £1,449, and the Line 6 Helix, which costs £500.
The new product is billed as “the first no-compromise guitar multi-effects workstation” and boasts a “powerfully intuitive interface” and “the most comprehensive I/O array available”. It also claims to be the “best-sounding, most powerful and easiest to use guitar processor ever”.

The Tone Master Pro reportedly features over 100 of the world’s most popular amps and effects, including all of the classic Tone Master Fender models, the first officially licensed EVH 5150 III Stealth models, and other classics that have been replicated using the brand’s signature Tone Master Modelling process. It also has a full-colour touch screen and an intuitive UI to make dialling in the perfect tone as easy as possible.
Users can create presets, customise their footswitch assignments and combine them to create songs, which can then be organised into setlists. Tone Master Pro also features 10 custom-designed footswitch encoders to make editing as easy as possible, giving users instant access to all presets and parameters.
They can also connect to a Tone Master Pro Control App via USB to create, edit and share presets or for playing or downloading tones created by Fender’s community of players and artists.
So far, it remains unknown when the details will be formally announced, or when the product will go to market, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground to keep you in the loop.
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