DSM & Humboldt launches the Simplifier DLX

DSM & Humboldt launches the Simplifier DLX

DSM & Humboldt has released a new “DLX” version of its Simplifier, adding extra control and features to the compact amplifier and cab-sim.

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The amp has two discrete preamps, each of which comes with three amp models and three gain modes. They can be separately configured and run in either as a two-channel amp, in parallel or in full stereo, with one preamp per left or right channel.
As well as the preamp, each channel sports a discrete cab simulation and power amp simulation. There’s adjustable mic placement and cab type for the former, and adjustable presence, resonance, and tube type for the latter.
The pedal’s I/O is even more extensive than its predecessors, with a stereo TRS input and ‘through’ output, discrete left and right output jacks, a stereo effects send/return loop, with a TRS jack for the send and two mono jacks for the return, and a pair of ground-lifted DI XLR outputs for running direct into a mixer or audio interface.
There’s on-board stereo reverb,with three modes (Room, Ether and Plate). The reverb mix can be adjusted on a per-channel basis. An included external footswitch can engage the reverb, as well as switch channels.
Take a look at DSM & Humboldt’s introductory video below.

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