EHX unfolds the Switchblade Pro

EHX unfolds the Switchblade Pro

Electro-Harmonix has yet another new product on the way, the Switchblade Pro billed as: ‘a compact switching pedal with advanced features including true mechanical bypass, soft switching, high quality/low noise buffers, volume controls for all input signals and high headroom’.

Key features of the Switchblade Pro include the ability to:

  • Switch between two different amplifiers or turn both on at once. An additional amp can be added to the main output for a three amp setup.
  • Footswitchable effects loops can run in series or parallel, and can swap order when run in series
  • Mix and switch between three instruments/audio sources with individual volume controls sent to one amplifier
  • Dry Level makes it ideal for bass players by mixing in the dry and processed signals to keep the low-end clear and focused
  • True bypass helps avoid “tone suck” and noise from vintage pedals placed in the Switchblade Pro’s FX loops
  • Provides an adjustable volume boost with up to 6dB of gain for each input

No UK price was announced but in the USA the street price will be $123.50


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