Extreme teases a new something in cryptic social media post

Extreme teases a new something in cryptic social media post

Boston rockers Extreme has teased what appears to be new music in a series of cryptic social media posts.

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Starting last week, the band began releasing some video teasers hinting at what certainly looks like a potential new album in the near future. A grand total of six video (with audio!) teasers — one a day — have been released thus far, each one likely corresponding to a new song from the band.
Each clip lasts about 15 seconds, with glimpses of animated artwork and what we reckon are song lyrics.
Here’s the latest one:

https://t.co/EA59z8aTpb pic.twitter.com/hGpBZ6BtuB
— Extreme (@ExtremeBand) February 22, 2023

A visit to the band’s official website also shows that 6 out of 12 ‘hidden’ squares have been revealed, which has to mean that there are 12 songs at least on the totally-coming-soon album right? (Right?)
Extreme’s last full-length album dates back to 2008’s Saudades de Rock, so a new record has been a long time coming. Last June, Extreme frontman Gary Cherone spoke of a potential sixth album on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, saying “It’s like the news cycle is so quick you [can’t] put out a whole record and not set it up, at least tease fans. I kinda lean towards trickling out a little bit.”
He continued, “I think this is some of the best stuff Nuno and I have written. I think he would say the same thing… There’s only one Nuno and he outdid himself on this record, his solos blow me away. I’m proud of a lot of the songs on the record.”

https://t.co/EA59z8alzD pic.twitter.com/VwksV0gUgU
— Extreme (@ExtremeBand) February 17, 2023

#⃣ https://t.co/EA59z8aTpb pic.twitter.com/M4IwU2OcGS
— Extreme (@ExtremeBand) February 18, 2023

https://t.co/EA59z8alzD pic.twitter.com/BjvLvratiq
— Extreme (@ExtremeBand) February 19, 2023

https://t.co/EA59z8aTpb pic.twitter.com/J4Ej6wG28E
— Extreme (@ExtremeBand) February 20, 2023

https://t.co/EA59z8aTpb pic.twitter.com/jndvPs0BLm
— Extreme (@ExtremeBand) February 21, 2023

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