Gear Of The Year 2017: Electric Guitars over £2,000

Gear Of The Year 2017: Electric Guitars over £2,000

When the sky is the limit price-wise, you know you’re going to be dealing with some truly stunning and inspiring musical instruments – here’s our pick of the best of the best high-end electric guitars from 2017…
Gretsch Custom Shop 1962 G6122 Country Gentleman Relic
• Price £7,016
• Reviewed September 2017
• Contact Guitar Village 01252 726821
Sometimes an instrument arrives in The Guitar Magazine offices that we know we’ll be talking about with a faraway look in our eyes for years to come, and this year no guitar has captured the imagination of the entire team quite like this incredible Stephen Stern creation. Even before plugging it in you could tell that this was one of the finest guitars the storied company had ever produced, and plugging it in was even more revelatory.
We said “We have no doubt that Gretsch’s current Custom Shop creations are some of the best guitars the company has ever made. The price of admission excludes all but the most well-heeled collectors and pros, but it’s justified by breathtaking build, feel and tone”
Highly Commended

Frank Brothers Signature Model
• Price £4,750
• Reviewed November 2017
• Contact The North American Guitar 0207 835 5597
We said “An extraordinarily confident and tasteful debut from a brand that is only four years old. The Signature Model is something special”

Seth Baccus Nautilus Classic
• Price £3,899
• Reviewed January 2017
• Contact World Guitars 01453 824306
We said “There’s fierce competition in the high-end single-cut stakes, but the Nautilus is a serious contender”

Novo Guitars Serus J
• Price £2,999
• Reviewed March 2017
• Contact Coda Music 01438 350815
We said “A guitar that surfs like a pro and struts like a Rolling Stone – another winner from Dennis Fano”To find out which other products scooped Gear Of The Year awards, get your copy of the January 2018 issue of The Guitar Magazine here.The post Gear Of The Year 2017: Electric Guitars over £2,000 appeared first on The Guitar Magazine.

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