Gibson reissue Clapton’s iconic 1964 Firebird I

Gibson reissue Clapton’s iconic 1964 Firebird I

The Gibson Custom Shop has announced a limited run of Eric Clapton’s 1964 one-pickup Firebird. Used throughout the ’60s and ’70s, Clapton’s use of his Firebird I inspired some of the most potent and fired up playing of his lengthy and illustrious career.
Made using authentic construction methods and dimensions scanned from vintage 1964 Firebird models, each Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I is fitted with a newly-developed Alnico V Firebird pickup, created to recapture the red-hot output and scorching tones of the original pickup. Each 1964 Firebird I will also feature a Clapton signed backplate, plus a replica of the strap used with the guitar, a reproduction of the it’s original case plus a Certificate of Authenticity booklet.

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Despite Clapton being famous for his use of Les Pauls and black Stratocasters, it’s always been the 1964 Firebird I that he remembers being a truly outstanding guitar. “I remember one night in particular with the Firebird,” explains Eric Clapton. “It was a Cream show in Philadelphia, and it was one of the greatest gigs I ever played.”
The Eric Clapton 164 Firebird I is exclusively sold through Guitar Center in the US and select dealers via
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