If you need to hang up your guitar, maybe Jerry Garcia can give you hand

If you need to hang up your guitar, maybe Jerry Garcia can give you hand

Most fans of the Grateful Dead could only dream of Jerry Garcia holding their guitar, but thanks to GuitarGrip, this dream can now become a reality.

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Named the Jerry Garcia Collection, you can now have the man himself, four fingers and all, holding up your precious guitars.
While Guitar Grip has ventured into the world of creative guitar hangers before, this is the first time that the accessory company has used the model of a hand to hold on to people’s axes.
“We are beyond thrilled – as fans, musicians, and followers of Jerry – to offer these artistic hangers to our amazing customers,” said Mike Ryan, founder of GuitarGrip. “Jerry was one of a kind, and we worked really hard to bring his unique personality and the timeless vibe of his music into this series.”
Garcia’s daughter Trixie even praised the guitar holders: “GuitarGrips has created a beautiful homage to our father!” she says. “Nearly as exquisite as Jerry’s playing, these grips rock,”
As well as the hand model, The Jerry Garcia Collection also includes four decorative wall plates inspired by Garcia’s most famous electric guitars: Alligator, Tiger, Wolf and Rosebud. The plates have also been engraved with Garcia’s name and decorated with faux wood accents, green foliage and red roses, with the relief coated in metal brass.
In terms of making the hand model itself, GuitarGrip has explained that they worked with a variety of source marerials, including photographs, to ensure the high-quality cast resin sculptures are as accurate as can be. Once cast, they are handed painted in the GuitarGrip studio.
The hand is retailing between $235 and $295 depending on your choice of plate, while the sculptured plates are significantly cheaper at $125.
For more details about the guitar hangers, you can head over to GuitarGrip.
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