“I’m not doing it anymore”: Ozzy Osbourne undergoes “final” neck surgery

“I’m not doing it anymore”: Ozzy Osbourne undergoes “final” neck surgery

Ozzy Osbourne has said that he’s undergone his “final” neck surgery.

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On the latest episode of The Osbournes Podcast, released on Tuesday (19 September), Ozzy says, “Tomorrow I have my final surgery on my neck.” He goes on to explain that it’s going to be the last surgery, because he “can’t do it anymore”.
He adds, “Regardless of the way it ends up after tomorrow, I’m not doing it anymore. I can’t.”
When he’s asked how he’s feeling about having the operation, he says, “It’s all right. It’s just like going over for a fucking haircut now… But I have improved somewhat, I think.”
He continues, “My feet feel like I’ve got bricks tied to them when I’m walking. I walked upstairs today and downstairs for the first time in a while, and my feet feel like I’ve got diving boots on when I’m walking. I think it’s the nerves. Then I was thinking, maybe I just need to get up off my ass and walk around the block a few times.”
The Black Sabbath legend, who turns 75 in December, has been open about his health in recent years. He had a fall in 2019, and it dislodged the metal rods put into his back after his quad bike accident in 2003.
Also in 2019, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, revealing the diagnosis the following year, while he was also hospitalised after complications caused by flu in February 2019. In February this year, he announced his retirement from touring, and the cancellation of his UK and EU tour dates, but he has since said that he’d like to perform again in future.
In the first episode of the podcast, which was released on 12 September, he said, “My lower back is… I’m going for an epidural soon because what they’ve discovered is the neck has been fixed. Below the neck there’s two vertebrae where the bike hit me and disintegrated, there’s nothing left of ’em.”
You can see Ozzy discuss the surgery below:

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