In Pictures: Inside Heritage’s 225 Parsons Street factory

In Pictures: Inside Heritage’s 225 Parsons Street factory

Heritage, which inhabits the historic 225 Parson’s Street factory in Kalamazoo, took the opportunity of Live to launch its beautiful new Custom Core H-150 – its own homage to the guitars of the late 1950s. But that’s not the only thing that was on display in Heritage’s virtual booth.
What’s inside the legendary factory?
Guitars have been being built at 225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1917, and the factory’s been responsible for some of the most iconic solid-body and semi-hollow electric guitars of the golden age of guitar-building. Heritage’s first offering came about in 1985, and ever since then, the brand’s been upholding the factory’s legacy of amazing luthiery.
The brand’s booth at Live tells the story of how it was established here, and how it celebrates the guitar-making legacy that lives in the building.
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New Custom Shop guitar series
The star of Heritage’s show at Live was undoubtedly the Custom Core H-150: built at the historic factory at 225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo, the guitar features a premium curly maple top, with a comfortable carve, and an ultra-lightweight mahogany back
The Heritage Custom 225 Classic Humbuckers found in the Custom Core H-150 have also been designed and wound in-house – tuned specifically for the guitar.
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How do Heritage artisans relic guitars?
Heritage’s Artisan Aged finishes pay homage to instruments that have been played for years. Each one of the nitro finishes is relic’d by a set of skilled artisans, creating a look and feel that’s true to a well-played and loved instrument – complete with subtle checking, dings and playwear.
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Heritage’s production line guitars
Alongside its bespoke Custom Shop guitars, Heritage offers the Standard Collection – a series of solid-body, semi-hollow, hollow and arch-top guitars that bring Heritage’s craftsmanship to a set of classic designs. All feature high-end electronics to do best by the premium wood choices, including Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers and Lollar P90s.
Models include the H-530, a fully-hollow double-cutaway loaded with two P90s, the H-575 a fully-hollow single-cutaway with two Seth Lover humbuckers and the Eagle Classic, a premium jazz workhorse with an airy-sounding Sitka spruce top.
All of the models across Heritage’s Standard Collection also feature a nitrocellulose finish – so even if you don’t opt for an Artisan-Aged model, a Heritage will age beautifully over time.
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Bespoke guitars
Heritage’s Custom Shop Bespoke Program allows the discerning musician to design an instrument exactly to their specifications – and then have it crafted in the 225 Parsons Street factory by its team of experienced luthiers. Players can speak to Heritage’s team and ensure that their guitar will exactly match their playing needs.
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